Customer Journey

Learn how our Customer Journey API works.


The Customer Journey API enables you to determine what point a user is in their credit journey so that you can support them in the next step of their customer journey. There are three types of user:
  • An applicant: a user who has started a credit application to become a customer, but not completed it.
  • A customer: a user who has a credit account.
  • Unknown: a user who has never made a credit application or is no longer known.

Customer Journey Enquiry

The Customer Journey API first enables you to determine if the user is an applicant, a customer or unknown. Varying information is returned based on the user type:
  • For an applicant, relevant application data can be returned.
  • For a customer, relevant summary customer and account data can be returned.
  • For unknown, an error is returned.

This information can be used to help place the customer where they need to be in their customer journey:
  1. 1
    Use case example 1: Identify a customer at check out to check their available credit so they can complete a purchase.
  2. 2
    Use case example 2: Use this API at the front of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony journey to identify a user category and provide summary information to them.
  3. 3
    Use case example 3: Identify an applicant and see where they are in the application process so that they can resume it.

How does the Customer Journey API work?

  1. 1
    Provide us with a unique identifier for the user so that we can identify the user's position in the customer journey, either a:
    • Customer Access Token or;
    • Customer Reference.
  2. 2
    If the user is identified as an applicant, we will return information about the application, such as:
    Application InformationDescription
    StateEnumerated list indicating the application state
    Credit limitThe credit limit associated with the application
    Interest rates for their productThe associated interest rates (AER, APR, SAR) for the product
    KYC statusInitiated, failed or authenticated KYC
    User registered statusIndicates whether the user has registered for online services

  3. 3
    If the user is identified as a customer, we will return information about the customer's account, such as:
    Account InformationDescription
    StatusStatus open charge off closed fraud account cancelled pay down
    Payment due dateDue date for the previous billing period, this may be null until account goes through a billing cycle
    Credit limitsCollection of defined credit limits (type and amount)
    User registered statusIndicates whether the user has registered for online services
    User registered statusIndicates whether the user has registered for online services

Customer Journey API flow


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