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Learn how to host a landing page and quote form on your website.


If you are a NewDay partner, you can host a landing page and a quote form on your website. This allows you to call the Acquisitions API to create an application and check a customer's eligibility. The response from the Create Application endpoint contains the values for id and customerRef which can then be encrypted as a JWT token and sent to NewDay's Acquisitions Web Application. This allows the customer to progress with their journey. The steps to build this journey are described below.

Capture the required form data

  • If the partner is hosting the quote form, they will need to capture all of the fields required for their specific product to check the customer's eligibility. The full set of available fields is detailed on the Create Application endpoint, along with any field validation. However, it should be noted that the required fields can vary depending upon the product and decisioning strategy, the exact content should be determined by the lender's Product/Credit teams.
  • If a partner is hosting a product page, dependent on the lender's specific requirements it might need to include the "Summary Box" document detailing key product features.
  • If the partner is hosting the quote form, dependent on the lender's specific requirements, it might need to include the eligibility check terms and conditions, and privacy policy. It may also need to capture the customer's assent, that they have read and agreed to both the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy.

Create an Application

When the relevant customer details are captured, an application can be created by calling the Create Application endpoint. This endpoint response body will return the id and customerRef necessary to create a valid JWT token.

Check Customer Eligibility

When the related application is created, the customer's eligibility can be checked by calling the Eligibility endpoint.

Create the JWT Token

When handing over to NewDay, a valid token must be provided in the URL. Generate a token header and payload as illustrated below:

Token header and payload

Below is the header and payload information:

algThe token must be signed with an HS256 algorithm (HMAC with SHA-256). The key for both generating the signature and validating will be provided to you.
typThe token type is Json Web Token.
idA 36-digit identifier that identifies the customer application in our databases. The application state property must be quoteAccept, quoteDecline or complex.
customerRefA 36-digit identifier that identifies your brand/product, this value will be provided to you.
expThe token expiration date is formatted as a number of seconds elapsed since epoch. Tokens should be valid for 5 minutes.
secret keyThe private key used to generate the JWT token. NewDay will provide you with this key.

Hand back the application to NewDay

After creating and signing the JWT token, the customer should be redirected to the following URL. NewDay will provide the brand, channel, and product for each partner.



Once the application is passed back, NewDay will handle the eligibility call response (quoteAccept, quoteDecline or complex) and display the relevant UI screen. If the customer is accepted they will be able to continue their journey on NewDay's website.

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