Regular Payments

Learn how to manage Regular Payments on a customers' accounts.


The Regular Payments API allows customers to set up a Regular Payment method on their account and then view, edit or delete it once it exists. Currently, only Direct Debit is supported as a Regular Payment method.

Regular Payments Configuration

Accounts can have different regular payment options available to them, these need to be retrieved from GetRegularPaymentsConfiguration. For example, one account may be offered three types of payment options e.g. scheduled payment, fixed payment and full balance. Another account would be offered just two of these. You may want to retrieve these options at the start of a set-up journey so that the user can choose from the configured options available to them to set up their regular payment.

Managing Regular Payments

These endpoints can be used to manage Regular Payments on a customer's account. They will commonly be used in servicing channels such as IVR, mobile and web applications. This allows customers with an existing regular payment the option to manage their regular payment. If a user does not have a regular payment option, this can be used to them to set one up.
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    Call the GetRegularPayment endpoint to see if an account has a regular payment.
    • If a regular payment does not exist a customer can be prompted to set one up using the SetupRegularPayment endpoint.
    • If a regular payment does exist, details on GetRegularPayment can be used to display this to the customer. The customer can then be given the option to edit the Regular Payment using UpdateRegularPayment or cancel it using CancelRegularPayment.
Endpoint nameFunctionality
GetRegularPaymentReturns regular payment details for a given account if it exists, including the regular payment amount and payment details used for the regular payment.If a regular payment doesn’t exist, you can prompt the customer to set one up using the SetupRegularPayment endpoint.
SetupRegularPaymentSet up a new regular payment for a given account, specifying the regular payment type and payment details to be used for the regular payment.
GetAccountBalancesRetrieve the account level total balance amount. This is the amount that has cleared on a customer's account and can be used alongside total pending credits, debits and credit limit to calculate the open to buy.
UpdateRegularPaymentMake changes to an existing regular payment for the given account. Changes can be made to the payment amount or payment details used.
CancelRegularPaymentCancel a Regular Payment for the given account.

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