Digital Acquisition with eligibility check, instant decision, instant on-boarding and instant credit.


Market leading flexibility

NewDay’s acquisition service and in-house Decision Engine NODE allow a great deal of flexibility in approving credit requests.

Instant approval to credit

Enabling an applicant to go from quote to approved within a few minutes.

Always informed customer

NewDay sends communications at every step of the journey to keep the applicant informed about any updates or further actions.

Key features

Instant credit eligibility check

NewDay’s acquisition service and in-house Decision Engine NODE allow for instant credit eligibility checks.

Fast application decision

The API returns an instant response confirming the applicant's credit acceptability status. You can immediately proceed with the application if your customer is accepted for NewDay credit.

Referral worked by underwriter

NewDay sends additional communications to the applicant with actions explained for any problem redressal.

Prompt Application for NewDay product

Once the applicant is onboarded as a customer, they can instantly apply for the NewDay product.

Resume application on mid-journey interruptions

If the acquisition process was interrupted owing to any technical problem, you can resubmit your request.

Application journey flow

The following illustration explains how the customer acquisition journey will flow from quotation to providing credit to your user:

Retailers acquistion

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Fraud profiling

Fraud profiling can take place at any point of the acquisition journey flow providing it is before the decision endpoint is called.

For Retailers

Fraud profiling

Retailer Acquisitions API

Explore the various API endpoints to see what solution is suitable for your business needs.


Start a new customer application



Checking an applicant's eligibility for a New Day product



Provides a decision on the application



Review legal documents before signing



Signing up to the terms and conditions


Customer Creation

On-board the credit-availing customer who has agreed to make payments

Getting Started with NewDay

Quick start guides for how you can start working with NewDay as a partner and learn about the end-to-end processes of integrating with APIs.

Engagement with Commercial team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner and explains the end-to-end on-boarding process.

Integration Guide for Developers

This section provides guidance on how to start building with NewDay i.e. how to integrate with NewDay's various deployment environments, getting access to APIs etc.

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