NewPay for Retailers

Newpay is a digital credit account that offers customers a simple and convenient way to buy what they need today and pay back monthly, over a period that suits them.


NewPay is an 'always-on' credit account designed to finance purchases of almost any size. The application process is integrated into the existing checkout process, allowing customers to apply while shopping. Buying is simplified and includes numerous credit options to meet customers' financing needs.

What is NewPay?

NewPay enables you to utilise NewPay's digital credit account while providing the option of using NewDay's widgets and the choice of credit lender; this could be NewDay cards or a credit lender of your choice.

The NewPay solution is made up of API products and widgets to enable you to choose which products will provide an enhanced customer journey for your customers. Your choice of credit lender will drive the credit strategy and the features that can be utilised.


Exclusive product design

Allowing you to offer custom APRs & instalment plans to customers via a uniquely designed product.

Tailored to your brand

Increasing brand affinity and loyalty by creating a unique product for your customers.

Growing with you

Driving direct revenue through a bespoke commercial arrangement.

Your customers, your journey

Ultimate control over the integration into your customer journeys.

Key features

Instant credit eligibility check

A soft credit check is performed to verify the applicant's eligibility for NewDay products, with an instant response confirming the applicant's acceptance status.

Multiple ways to authenticate customer

Provide customers with various ways to confirm who they are.

Better for customers

One account for all your purchases

Use NewPay to make any purchases large or small, and then just pay the minimum payment every month or more when you can afford it. There is no fixed repayment timeline. Just the monthly minimum or more when you can afford it at your standard interest rate.

Stay in Control

Just one monthly payment to remember, no matter how many purchases you've made. You can choose between several different payment methods. The best way to make payments is by Direct Debit.
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Our API products

Browse our APIs and view their documentation.

For Retailers

I want to acquire new customers

A seamless onboarding journey for customers applying for credit.

For Retailers

I want to verify new and/or existing customers

A user-friendly verification tool to leverage KYC verification processes for your new and/or existing customers.

For Retailers

I want to complete the customer's order

Offer customers a simple end-to-end journey from checkout through to settlement.

For Retailers

I want to manage and maintain my customers

Understand, create and update your customers.

Our Widgets

Learn how our widgets can help you and how to embed them on your website.

For Retailers

I want customer's to create their credentials and log in to their credit account

A simple and secure way for your customer's to log in to their credit account.

For Retailers

I want customers to get a higher level of authentication

A simple and secure way for your customer's to securely authenticate before spending.

Getting Started with NewDay

Quick start guides for how you can start working with NewDay as a partner and learn about the end to end processes of integrating with APIs.

Engagement with Commercial team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner and explains the end-to-end on-boarding process.

Integration Guide for Developers

This section provides guidance on how to start building with NewDay i.e. how to integrate with NewDay's various deployment environments, getting access to APIs etc.

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