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NewDay's purpose is to help people move forward with credit. Use our APIs to create a bespoke credit experience that combines expert insight, data, and latest technology to help your customers move forward with credit.

Benefits of Partnering with NewDay

Digitally-enabled partner integration and customer interactions are at the heart of the NewDay proposition. We can help you grow your business through a variety of credit propositions.

Improve your bottom line

Our different credit products give more purchasing power to your customers. You can improve your revenue and encourage customer loyalty.

Say yes to more customers

We provide responsible credit access to more customers than other providers. You can sell more by providing more credit.

Delivering positive credit journeys

We appreciate customers with good credit history and provide them with upgrades and additional privileges on making timely payments.

Best in class digital and voice customer servicing

NewDay offers award-winning omni-channel 24 hour customer support through our in-house customer servicing team and digital servicing platforms.

Products based on your business type

Explore our APIs to identify the best solution for your requirement:

For NewPay Retailers

If your business is categorised as a merchant or retailer, then we have a selection of APIs tailored just for your business needs. Explore our API products to discover what is suitable for your requirements.

Open Banking

Open Banking

If you are a third-party provider (TPP), our Open Banking APIs enable account information access using Account, Payments and Confirmation of Funds APIs.

For Aggregators

If your business is categorised as a price-comparison site, a consumer credit reporting company or a financial service aggregator, then we have a selection of APIs tailored just for your business needs. Explore our API products to discover what is suitable for your requirements.

Our Popular API Products

Browse our popular APIs and view their documentation:

For Retailers

I want to acquire new customers

A seamless onboarding journey for customers applying for credit.

For Retailers

I want to verify new and/or existing customers

A user-friendly verification tool to leverage KYC verification processes for your new and/or existing customers.

For Retailers

I want to complete the customer's order

Offer customers a simple end-to-end journey from checkout through to settlement.

For Retailers

I want to manage and maintain my customers

Understand, create and update your customers.

Getting Started with NewDay

Quick start guides for how you can start working with NewDay as a partner and learn about the end to end processes of integrating with APIs.

Engagement with Commercial team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner and explains the end-to-end on-boarding process.

Integration Guide for Developers

This section provides guidance on how to start building with NewDay i.e. how to integrate with NewDay's various deployment environments, getting access to APIs etc.

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