Engagement with Commercial team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner and explains the end-to-end on-boarding process.


We can help you grow your business through a variety of credit propositions.

Improve your bottom line

Our different credit products give more purchasing power to your customers. You can improve your revenue and encourage customer loyalty.

Say yes to more customers

We provide responsible credit access to more customers than other providers. You can sell more by providing more credit.

Build customer loyalty

We appreciate good credit history and provide upgrades or additional privileges to customers. You can expect bigger basket sizes.

Digital and voice customer servicing

NewDay offers award-winning omni-channel 24-hour customer support. Your customers will always have support.

Partner on-boarding process

We have a dedicated team to help you with on-boarding. Here is an overview of the end-to-end engagement process with NewDay:

Walk-through of NewDay credit propositions

You can build your understanding of NewDay's credit propositions by reading about the variety of offerings at your own time or our Commercial team can pitch relevant products based on your requirements.


Understanding NewDay APIs and management tools

The product teams can provide you with a conceptual understanding of our API Products, API management systems and how it will all work.


Response to RFP

NewDay will respond to your Request For Proposal explaining the commercial and product offerings.


Terms of Agreement

Terms of working agreement between NewDay and your business will be prepared along with commercial costs.


Work Contract

An initial work contract is shared which will be continuously enhanced as the full scope of the project gets finalised with more accurate delivery dates.



Project scoping will be kicked-off with a customer journey walk-through. During this phase, any bespoke or technical requirements will be analysed and documented within the product specification details.


Project Kick-off

The project work will begin with allocated team; a project plan is prepared with multiple work streams set up.

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