Starting a New Customer Application


Creating an application is the first step in the credit acquisition journey. An application typically contains personal details of the applicant along with the NewDay product they are applying for. The identifiers generated by NewDay at this stage to represent the new application will be carried over to represent all the future resources created as part of the the same applicant's journey, including the final boarding of the customer.

New Application Request


Using this endpoint you can create a new application record with the provided data. In a new application request, the following parameters are important and cannot be modified:



NewDay creates a unique application identifier (application id) to record the new request.



You can enter a unique reference ID to identify the applicant. If the parameter is not provided from your end, NewDay will generate a unique identifier. This `customerRef` will be used for all future purposes; for example, when the applicant is finally onboarded as a NewDay customer, we refer to the same identifier when servicing the customer.



Provide the unique reference ID of the NewDay product for which that the applicant is applying for.

Apart from the parameters mentioned above, all others are optional.

Modify Applicant details

When you send a request to this endpoint, you can modify the fields in a customer's application.
For example, you can modify details like the applicant's residential address, contact number, email ID etc. details that were included in the request. Identifiers like the application identifier, customer reference, and product/source info cannot be updated.

Fetch Applicant details

This allows you to retrieve all details for any specific application record. It will bring you the latest application details using the id identifier.

Note: If the application has not gone past eligibility or decision then we will return the state as quoteAccept and substate as complexRefer (this will be changed to appStarted in the near future)

Search for an application

Ping this to list applications based on customer identifier customerRef and product key productKey.
Both the fields are mandatory. This will provide you with basic information on applications found.
Cancelled or expired applications will not be included in search results.

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