Learn how to find information about a customer’s credit account.


The Account API exposes information about customers' credit accounts and includes all aspects related to Credit Account Management. This includes information like account states, balances, payments due, transactions and statements.

These endpoints can be used to provide an overview of a customer’s account. Combined with information from the Customer API, you can see an overview of the customer and their associated accounts. This is commonly used in front-end channels such as Mobile app, Web app and IVR to help a customer service their account. An example journey use case that this may be used in is to present a view of a customer's balance and amounts due at the start of a payment journey where the customer is making a payment against their account.

Create Account

Call any of the following endpoints to retrieve core information about a customer's account. These offer granular details about account overview, balances, spend types, interest rates, dues and arrears. This information can be accessed through individual endpoints or a composite endpoint that provides this information in one view.
Endpoint nameFunctionality
GetAccountProvides an overview of the account including createdAt, productId, creditLimits, status and treatments.
GetAccountAvailableLimitsRetrieve available credit to spend on the account for the cash limit and account limit.
GetAccountBalancesRetrieve the account level total balance amount. This is the amount that has cleared on a customer's account and can be used alongside total pending credits, debits and credit limit to calculate the open to buy.
GetAccountSpendTypesRetrieve a detailed breakdown of all spend types (e.g. purchase, cash, instalment) and their balances and rates for the account.
GetAccountDuesRetrieve dues on the account including current due, requested payment, recommended extra payment, total arrears, etc.
GetAccountArrearsRetrieve a detailed breakdown of the arrears on the account, including the due amount and arrears age of the due amount.
GetAccountPositionsComposite resource to return standard account details along with available limits, balances and dues.

Transactions and Authorisations

Call any of the following endpoints to retrieve transactions and authorisations for a given account. You can retrieve all authorisations for an account, and all transactions for an account or retrieve a combined view of transactions and authorisations using our composite endpoint. You can also choose to enrich transaction data on each of the endpoints where it is available by including improved transaction description, merchant category, logo, etc.
Endpoint nameFunctionality
Get AuthorisationsRetrieve all available authorisations for an account.
GetTransactionsRetrieve all transactions for an account. Request transactions within a specified date and amount range. You can also search text within the transaction description.
GetTransactionsActivitiesA composite view to retrieve authorisations and transactions in a combined view.

Transaction Adjustments

View and process Credits and Debits for interest charges and fees applied to a customer's account. Retrieve a list of interest or fee transactions that can be adjusted and post an adjustment to the account. Retrieve a list of adjustment reasons that can be applied to an account (e.g. Credit Balance Refund or Gesture of Goodwill) and post an adjustment to the account with the relevant reason.
Endpoint nameFunctionality
GetTransactionsAdjustmentsInterestsReturns all interest transactions and their breakdown per spend-type, with an isAdjustable flag if it can be adjusted.
PutTransactionsAdjustmentsInterestsApply an interest adjustment for an account for a specified interest transaction.
GetTransactionsAdjustmentsFeesReturns all fee transactions on a given account, with an isAdjustable flag if it can be adjusted.
PutTransactionsAdjustmentsFeesApply a fee adjustment for an account for a specified fee transaction.
GetAccountsAdjustmentsReasonsReturns a list of adjustments that can be made on an account e.g. Gesture of Goodwill, Credit Balance Refund.
PutAccountsAdjustmentsApply a debit or credit adjustment to an account for a specified reason.

Billing Periods and Statements

Retrieve information about a customer's billing periods, a statement summary and posted transactions for that billing period.
Endpoint nameFunctionality
GetBillingPeriodsReturns a list of Billing Periods for the account.
GetBillingPeriodTransactionsReturns transactions for the current or specified billing period.
GetBillingPeriodBalancesReturns balances for the given billing period e.g. opening balance, closing balance, total credits and total debits.
GetBillingPeriodSpendTypesReturns the spend type breakdown (e.g. balance transfer, instalment) and associated interest rates for the given billing period.
GetBillingPeriodDetailsA composite view of the given billing period that combines balances and spend types.

Getting Started with NewDay

Quick start guides for how you can start working with NewDay as a partner and learn about the end-to-end processes of integrating with APIs.

Engagement with Commercial team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner and explains the end-to-end on-boarding process.

Integration Guide for Developers

This section provides guidance on how to start building with NewDay i.e. how to integrate with NewDay's various deployment environments, getting access to APIs etc.

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