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Customer Journey


The Customer Journey API enables you to determine what point a user is in their credit journey so that you can support them in the next step of their customer journey.

Environment URLs

EnvironmentBase URL
NDT Staginghttps://dapi.stg-newdaytechnology.net/customerjourney
NDC Staginghttps://api.uat-newdaycards.com/customerjourney
NDT Productionhttps://dapi.newdaytechnology.net/customerjourney
NDC Productionhttps://api.newdaycards.com/customerjourney

Customer Journey Details (Using Token)

Returns Customer Journey details, using a customer's token to identify them



Customer Journey Details (Using CustomerRef)

Returns Customer Journey details, using a customer-ref to identify the customer




Details of the account

Amount object

Application details

Available Credit Limit object

Balances object

Credit Limit object

Account Status (Open, ChargeOff, Closed, Fraud, AccountCancelledPayDown)

Customer object

An object containing the OtpPhoneEvidence and OtpBankAccountEvidence.

KYC Flags relating to the applicant

A machine-readable format for specifying errors in HTTP API responses based on https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7807.

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