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The DocUpload widget is a NewDay-hosted feature for prospective customers to upload documents to prove their identity and address (e.g., passport, driver's license, bank statements, etc.). Embed the DocUpload widget into your NewPay journey at any point once they have an accepted quote.


Easy to implement

Embed the provided iFrame code into your UI and let your customers upload documents in either PNG, JPEG, or PDF formats in a few clicks.


The styling can be configured according to your branding, including: fonts, primary and secondary colours, button border colors and radius.

Embed the DocUpload Widget

The DocUpload widget can be embedded into your website using an iFrame at any point of your customer journey when documents proving the user's identity or address need to be uploaded. Image (PNG and JPEG) and PDF formats are accepted, with file dimensions up to 15 MB.

Some initial setup is needed for the widget to be functional. The DocUpload logic relies on essential cookies. Current GDPR and CPRA regulations require browsers to automatically block cookies set by third-party domains. Therefore the following tasks must be undertaken in order for our domain to be considered as a sub-domain of your website's domain.

To allow information exchange between the two parties:

  1. 1
    Add a new DNS (Domain Name System) CNAME entry (e.g.'') that resolves to the endpoint we will provide you for the doc-upload widget. (e.g. '').
  2. 2
    We will send a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for you to sign, with the ultimate scope of allowing information exchange between your new sub-domain and our widget's domain. We will install the signed certificate on our side, and, from this point onwards, our application will no longer be recognized as a third-party. Cookies will then be allowed to be set and the application to be functional.

After completing the steps above, copy and paste the code below into the UI where you want the widget displayed.


1<iframe src="<token>"></iframe>
For a correct display of the widget, ensure that the 'iframe' URL parameter is set to 'true' in the query string.

Additionally, you must provide a valid token in the URL to be able access the widget. Generate a token header and payload as illustrated:

Token header and payload

In detail:

algThe token must be signed with an H256 algorithm. The key for both
generating the signature and validating it is "newdaydocupload".
typThe token type is Json Web Token.
idA 36-digit identifier that identifies the customer application in our databases.
The application state property must be "docrequired".
customerRefA 36-digit identifier that identifies your brand/product.
We will provide you this value.
expThe token expiration date formatted as number of seconds elapsed since
epoch. Tokens should be valid for 5 minutes.

If the token provided is valid, the DocUpload widget will be displayed into the iFrame and the
applicant will be able to upload the necessary documentation for identity and address proofing.


The following elements can be configured by NewDay to match your site and branding:

  • Fonts
  • Font size
  • Font colour
  • CTA colour
  • CTA copy
  • CTA border-radius
  • CTA border
  • CTA border width
  • CTA border-colour
  • Buttons border width
  • Buttons fields border radius
  • Buttons fields border colour
  • Primary and secondary colors

The below elements are not currently configurable:

  • Titles (e.g. 'Proof of Identity', 'Proof of address', etc)
  • Icons
  • List of documents accepted (e.g. Bank statement, UK driving licence, etc.)
  • Validity of documents (e.g. Some documents can be either 12 or 3 months old maximum)
  • Descriptive and hints copy ('When scanning or taking a photo of your original documents, please make sure to include all four corners of the document')
  • Error messages based on API responses (e.g. 'Your file is too big. Please try again.')

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