API Products for Aggregators

If your business is categorised as a price-comparison site, a consumer credit reporting company or a financial service aggregator, then we have a selection of APIs tailored just for your business needs. Explore our API products to discover what is suitable for your requirements.


Simple and straightforward

Real-time quotes with real credit decisioning on NewDay products direct to your consumers on your channel.

Quotes for all products in one call

Quotations and eligibility checks across all NewDay's credit products including Aqua, Marbles, Opus, Bip and more in one go.

Customised experience

You can on-board the applicant on your channel or use our pre-existing journeys.

Development support

In addition to NewDay's default functionality, we can provide you with a bespoke experience as per your enterprise needs.

Key features

Instant credit eligibility check

A soft credit check is performed to verify the applicant's eligibility for NewDay products, with an instant response confirming the applicant's acceptance status.

Swift customer application

Applicants can immediately apply for qualified credit products.

Save and resume application

Applicants can recommence their application journey in case they were interrupted mid-way; NewDay holds the record for a brief period.

Updated throughout application

NewDay sends communications at every step of the journey to keep the applicant informed about any updates or further actions.

Aggregator Acquisition API

Explore the various API endpoints to see what solution is suitable for your business needs.


Checking an applicant's eligibility for a New Day product



Start a new customer application



Provides a decision on the application



Review legal documents before signing



Signing up to the terms & conditions


Customer Creation

On-board the credit-availing customer who has agreed to make payments

Getting Started with NewDay

Quick start guides for how you can start working with NewDay as a partner and learn about the end-to-end processes of integrating with APIs.

Engagement with Commercial Team

This section guides potential businesses on how to become a NewDay credit partner, and explains the end-to-end onboarding process.

Integration Guide for Developers

This section provides guidance on how to start building with NewDay such as, how to integrate with NewDay's various deployment environments, gaining access to APIs etc.

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