Provides quotations for multiple NewDay products


The API performs an eligibility check to verify whether the applicant's details and credit score meets the requirements for availing NewDay credit. The API provides quotes for all NewDay products including Aqua, Marbles, Opus, Fluid, Bip. During this process, only a soft check is performed which does not impact the applicant's credit history, in other words, does not leave a footprint on their credit file. It is a preliminary verification that minimises chances of rejection during the actual application process, which would involve a hard check of the applicant's credit history.


Instant credit decision

The API provides credit quotation on each appropriate NewDay product and enables an applicant to instantly apply for credit.

Straight forward decision

The API responds with binary decisions — whether the applicant is accepted to apply for credit, needs to provide with additional information, or is rejected.

APR and credit limit

The API response mentions the APR of a NewDay product and the maximum credit limit allowed to the applicant

If you are procuring Open Banking consent from your applicants, NewDay will support you in your initiative with using Open Banking data. In fact, this process enhances an applicant's chance of being approved for NewDay credit.

MultiQuote API in the Acquisition Workflow

The following illustration explains how the MultiQuote API interfaces with your business to provide credit to your user:


Credit quotation for each product mentions the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and the maximum credit limit allowed to the applicant.

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