Dynamic Client Registration


The Dynamic Client Registration API enables Third Party Providers to register OAuth clients with NewDay to obtain client credentials and access tokens that can be used for making authentication requests.


Simplified registration process

Register with the authorisation server dynamically through a seamless and fully-automated process.

Enhanced security

Stricter validation rules during registration process to enhance overall security.

Improved scalability

Enables clients to register on-demand, which makes it easier to scale up and down.

Improved overall user experience

Clients can automatically register themselves, reducing the amount of user interaction required during the process.

How it works

Third party providers use our Dynamic Client Registration API to register their consumer applications with us and obtain access to Open Banking APIs to retrieve customer details needed for application services.


Before registering with NewDay, you must register with a regulated directory to obtain a Software Statement Assertion (SSA) and signing and transport certificates.

You can make a registration request to the Dynamic Client Registration endpoint with NewDay. After successful validation of the request with the given secret credentials, you will receive a client identifier in the response, which you can use to obtain application access tokens and access our Open Banking APIs. Please visit Authentication for more information.

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