Refund a settled transaction.


A Refund request can be made in the event of a cancelled order after Settlement. Depending on the retailer’s configuration, partial refund requests for the same transactionId can be submitted.

Processing a refund

  1. 1
    A request to this endpoint is made using the transactionId generated from the Settlement response.
  2. 2
    NewDay checks the provided information against the internal criteria.
  3. 3
    A successful request returns a refundTransactionId.
  4. 4
    The refunded amount is credited to the customer.

The following snippet demonstrates a Refund request, where the description is an optional field that can be customised to describe the refund.
  "amount ": {
    "value": 50,
    "currencyCode": "GBP"
  "description": "Some description"

The following snippet displays a successful response, where refundTransactionId is returned.
  "refundTransactionId": "6fe486cf-3193-40ef-a850-f7659e717c6e"

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